My Creativity

I am a very creative person. Since about the age of 5 or 6, I have taught myself to play various instruments. I started with drums, then keyboard from about the age of 7. When I was a teenager I took up playing bass guitar, which became my main instrument for many years. I have played in a large number of bands and played many gigs, mostly in smallish venues. I never got anywhere particularly significant, but that’s ok. In 2010 the band I was in at the time, Spiral 25, finished. I decided to start my own project, I teamed up with a friend called Nell, and we became a duo called The Neon Violets. We had no guitarists, and no singer, Nell played the drums, I played bass, and decided to do the vocals myself. Later, Nell left, the band became a three piece, with guitars added. There were a few different line ups and we did reasonably well but I was feeling quite jaded, finding it difficult with the heavier sound, and struggled to complete any recordings because of what I now realise was gender dysphoria with my voice. So I formed another band, deliberately based on a Doorsy 1960s sound, but I probably struggled even more with my voice as it was even more male sounding than before. I always enjoyed singing, but listening back could feel unbearable.

The two bands existed alongside each other for a while, until The Neon Violets finally ended.

In 2016 I started My solo project, Fire Healer. There were many reasons for this, including that I wanted to be able to do music without relying on others, and have a setup that was quite portable, so I could Travel me play virtually anywhere. That has remained my solo music outlet, since.

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