The Screaming Tap

The tap in my kitchen, ‘screams’ at me. It doesn’t always do this but sometimes when I turn the tap on, it emits a growling, ceaseless “Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!” at me as the cold water runs from it. I can’t hear anything else as its shrill, seemingly despairing complaint, pierces my brain.

I know. It’s just a thing. It just has a screw loose and this is its way of letting me know. The tap can’t handle the pressure of simply doing the sole thing it is designed to do. It’s still a tap, it still works, but I wish it’d do it’s job more quietly. Its constant moaning, disturbs me.

Its almost like the tap simply doesn’t want to function. Maybe its dreaming of being something else, something more exciting, like a grand fountain in the forecourt of a stately home, or even a waterfall in the middle of a forest. Or maybe the tap just can’t bear being anything and just wants to be turned off, permanently.

I could get the tap fixed of course, I once tried to fix it myself but I failed to silence it and I was afraid that if I tried any harder it’d break completely, exploding with force, bleeding icy water over me and flooding the floor.

I could get someone to come and fix it properly but like many other seemingly non urgent things in this house, I don’t, because I plan to leave. I plan to run away to a new place, some place with a new tap, one that hopefully doesn’t scream at me.

I’ll just run away from the screaming tap, and the broken windows I can’t see out of, and all the other things that, in ‘the grand scheme of things’, don’t really matter. Let it scream.

Published by Siobhán (she/her)

Musician, singer, songwriter, producer. Singer and Bass Guitarist with psychedelic rock band The Elephant Trip. My solo project is called Fire Healer. I am transgender and use she/her pronouns.

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