Please note that many of the posts below, are unfinished. Originally some of them were part of a larger post about my history, which I’ve decided to split up into various subject matters. I’ve done this partly so they don’t sit forgotten and part complete, in my drafts, to show them here, and encourage myself to finish them.

About Me

The Past

My Mental Health Journey

Back in June 2018 I was in full time employment but spending a couple of hours a week in group therapy at the Complex Needs Service in Oxford. I had no official diagnosis because I decided, on the advice of a Doctor, to keep any specific mental health diagnosis off my medical record, firstly because…

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This one should probably come with a Trigger Warning. It features abuse. Not very graphic, it’s about someone I once knew, a long time ago, but if you’re in a particularly sensitive state in relation to stuff like that, then maybe now is not the time to read it, so it may be best not…

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It was February 18th, 2001, a Sunday evening. I was 25 years old, and living with my then girlfriend, Katie, in her house in Oxford. As usual we were sitting in the kitchen at the back of the house, when a friend, Chris, turned up at the door. Chris had been a close friend of…

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My Year In Review: The Worst of 2020

In January 2020, I finished my 18 months as a member of a Therapeutic Community for people with Personality Disorders and similar problems. Those 18 months had been unbelievably intense but rewarding. Leaving the community meant saying goodbye to the relationships I’d had with so many people, it also meant I’d be without my support…

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The Cancellation of Gina Carano

I really enjoyed The Mandalorian, it’s a very well made production, actually, I think I prefer it to the Star Wars films (don’t shoot me, unless you’re a Storm Trooper, in which case, fire away, you’ll never hit me anyway!). I think […]