Technical Specifications

Basic Requirements

For most electric performances, the following basic requirements will be work for me:

2 quarter inch jack inputs (into mixer or PA from iPad audio interface, 1 left panned, 1 right panned).

1 XLR input (into mixer or PA from microphone. Centre panned).

2 mains supply sockets (I can do it with none though if I have enough battery power and sacrifice some effects pedals or run them off battery as well).

Optional Requirements

I am normally travelling on my own potentially on public transport. So it would be really helpful if I could have provided, the following:

A Microphone stand

A Keyboard stand

My equipment

Electric or electro-acoustic mandolin, classical guitar, or bouzouki (goes into one channel of my iPad audio interface).

Percussion microphone (goes into the other channel of my iPad audio interface).

Vocal microphone (may go into a vocal effects pedal then into a mixer or PA amp, or directly into the mixer or PA amp if there’s reverb on it at least).

IPad + 2 channel, stereo Audio Interface (acts as my mixer for instruments and for some keyboard instruments)

Small Bluetooth midi keyboard controller (paired with my iPad for playing various instruments).

Small Bluetooth midi pad controller (paired with my iPad for switching channels, switching effects on or off, adjusting parameters of instruments).

Small Bluetooth midi foot pedal board (paired with my iPad, for looping triggers).

Hand percussion (various, can include snare drum, darbuka, triangle, tambourine).

Physical footprint

Normally only about 3 metres by 2 metres maximum I think.