The Wall of Shame

Before scrolling on, please be aware, that to some, what you’re about to see, is likely to make you feel anxious, and angry. This post contains examples, mostly from social media, of comments made by people, normally ordinary people, which I find hateful, towards others, on the basis of sexuality, sex, and gender.

I’ve decided to try this, despite it effectively poisoning my blog, because I’ve tried to be assertive with these kinds of people, I’ve tried reporting comments to the owners of social media sites, but instead of being dealt with, reasonably, they have been allowed. I see the problem is getting worse, much worse. So I’m going to record the comments, and since they’ve been made publicly, those who made the comments, are happy to reveal their identities alongside their comments, I think it’s legitimate to reveal their identities here as well.

I may not comment on why I feel the way I do about these comments, but know that I condemn all, as examples of hate speech.

I don’t necessarily condemn the people who made the comments though, I think in many, perhaps most cases, the people who wrote them, have suffered too.