Sex vs Gender power & world dominance

If we divide the population of the world by sex then, according to some statistics we get: 3.97 billion males (50.42%) 3.905 billion females (49.98%) This looks straight forward and could be argued that both sexes are practically equal in numbers. However, we know that intersex people exist and also that these statistics have anContinue reading “Sex vs Gender power & world dominance”

The Cancellation of Gina Carano

I really enjoyed The Mandalorian, it’s a very well made production, actually, I think I prefer it to the Star Wars films (don’t shoot me, unless you’re a Storm Trooper, in which case, fire away, you’ll never hit me anyway!). I think there’s still a long way to go, but it was great to seeContinue reading “The Cancellation of Gina Carano”