Mandolin, percussion, voice, and more, from Fire Healer, Brighton, UK

Discover the music of Siobhán Sarelle here. Siobhán releases her music under the name Fire Healer. Her music features mandolin, guitar, keyboard, percussion, voice, and more. Siobhán loves to improvise and the pieces of music here are the result of her talent for connecting with her emotions and producing beautiful sounds.

From Out Of The Sun

Electric mandolin, percussion, and organ, in the style of early 1960s Surf Music!

Performed and recorded by Siobhán Sarelle. Released in December 2017.

The Fire In Our Hearts

An improvisation on mandolin, backed by looped percussion

Performed and recorded by Fire Healer. Released in 2022.

The Rise Of The Seventh House

A collection of music recorded in the mid to late 2010s. These instrumental tracks mainly showcase Siobhán's talents as a rock and blues artist and producer. Featuring guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, organ, drums, percussion, blues harp, and a zither played with a glass candle holder as slide!



The Rise Of The Seventh House


Tears Fall Like Rain On The Shimmering Sea Of Love

The Fire In Our Hearts

Fields Of The Sun

Warm Is The Glow From The Wheel Of Life

Autumn Kalimba

From Out Of The Sun

Zither Blues

Christmas Ensemble

Gold Stone Villa

Out Of My Head Into My Heart

A Long Way Out Of The Night

Brighton Beach 6 am

Forgotten Days

Ambient Waves #1